Raising awareness and involvement of stakeholders leads to co-responsibility and society action. Prathima believes in this paradigm and would like to create awareness among people on compelling social and developmental issues for the good of both individuals and communities..

Citizen’s rights & responsibilities

Illiteracy and backwardness in remote interior villages are serious impediments for realizing the rights of citizen’s guaranteed by the Constitution of India. With rights come responsibilities and this learning is also crucial for development.  We would like to actively campaign for sensitizing people about their rights and duties to become good citizens of a great nation.

Social equality & empowerment

Prathima will join hands in the long standing struggle for achieving social equality in the society addressing caste, creed, community & gender issues. Our prime focus will be on empowerment of women to bring about positive change in the family, community and society at large.

Revival of culture, values & traditional knowledge

The roots of our rich cultural heritage lie in our villages. The vibrant folk culture and traditional knowledge systems are waning due to lack of adequate support and encouragement.  At first, we will identify various endangered art forms and traditions of the local people and explore innovative ways to revive and sustain them for generations to come. We will showcase the vibrant and unique cultural legacy of Telangana in every nook and corner of the country.