Who We Are

Prathima Group

Nothing works better than empathy. When you relate to the needs of your local milieu and have the ability to understand the drift of your growing India, it means empathy is at work. Sometimes it leads to service, on other occasions into areas of commercial profit, expansion and growth. Both these facets are at the roots of our being. Kinship with the non-urban communities the Founders of the Group grew up with, exposure to the burgeoning urban aspirations, familiarity with global practices and India-focused development initiatives; all have a role in the genesis of the Prathima Group. Our origins are humble and unassuming, while our business strides have always had empathy as a driver. The Prathima Group is a diverse, multi-disciplinary business entity with interests in health(Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences & Prathima Hospital), energy (Elgen Project), infrastructure (Inner Sanctum) , manufacturing (Prathima Industries), telecom (Netxcell), entertainment (Prathima Multiplex) and hospitality (Prathima Regency) sectors. Entry, growth and future in each of these sectors have their twin foundations in service and future-readiness. Across the Group’s forays into various sectors, you can experience the many illustrations of these twin foundations. Our emerging and continuing story is one where people from several walks of life have benefited from connecting with the Prathima Group. This idea of “share while you grow” has been taken to the next logical level by our Group Chairman Shri. Boinipally Srinivas Rao, who instituted the Prathima Foundation to further the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda of the group companies. You can know more about the group at www.prathimagroup.net

Our Vision

“To conceive, and sustain a new-age working model of developmental growth involving all stakeholders–people, Governments, NGOs or corporate companies, to develop as a world-class non-profit organization in life-skills development to empower the youth of the country, to work towards woman-empowerment and to bring world-class child care systems within the affordable reach of the average, to design a schooling methodology that focuses on practical values of life, to showcase and revive local cultures, especially that of Telangana… In short to become a one-stop solutions provider for most of the socio-economic developmental issues the country faces.”

Our Mission

“To facilitate qualitative holistic learning and knowledge sharing interface primarily for the country’s youth in rural, semi-urban as well as urban areas, to take affordable yet state of art health and medical facilities to the door-step of the socially and economically deprived classes, mainly pregnant women, children and mothers, to bring about attitudinal change and develop team spirit by encouraging games and sports at the school level, to provide a platform for cultural exchange and development by encouraging cultural and traditional art forms especially of Telangana state, to be a channel for positive change in society by developing life skills not only among young students, but also the unemployed youth, house wives or even senior citizens…In short to lay thrust on realistic, achievable developmental programs of holistic development of human life…”

The Board of Directors

Prathima Foundation is a unit of the Prathima Educational Society. The Foundation has its own Board of Directors and a Governing Body which oversees the work being done by the organisation. The Board is a mix of young and old blood, professionals with great social vision that is backed by solid grassroots knowledge and experience. It is the strategy planning and implementing counter balance of the organization. The members of the board decide the vision, mission and oversee the generic direction of the social, medical and educational initiatives and developmental programs of the foundation.

Boinipally Srinivas Rao, Chairman

The group chairman, Shri.Boinapally Srinivas Rao is a self made man. He is one of the thought-provoking business leaders of Telangana, who has made Prathima Group a household name in the state. With interests ranging from power, infrastructure, technology to healthcare, education and hospitality – he is a leader with a vision. His philosophy in life is to add value to everything he does, and this foundation is a culmination of all the social initiatives and CSR activities of the Prathima Group. We are proud to state that Shri. Srinivas Rao is truly the wind in our wings. “

Dr.B Harini, Founder-Member

Dr. B. Harini, our founder-member is a doctor by profession and a social worker by choice. She is the brain behind the foundation and many of our unique development initiatives like the “Our People, Our Villages” scheme where she has envisioned a program that would create a platform for many philanthropists like her to meet and work together for the welfare of the need. Being a doctor in the rural India has given her the exposure and great understanding of the grass roots. She has leveraged her professional skills, knowledge and experience for giving our social programs a sustainable and practical approach. “

Prathima Foundation

Prathima Foundation is a unit of the Prathima Educational Society. Established in the year 2001, the society runs the Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) at Karimnagar, which is one of the largest medical college-cum-general hospitals in the region. In its decade long existence, the institute has served millions of poor and needy patients by performing more than 30,000 free operations, conducted numerous health camps and social outreach programs in the tribal areas of Adilabad and interiors of Karimnagar District in Telangana. The institute rolled out innovative and path breaking medical programs as the means to deliver quality health care within the reach of poor. The “Mother & Child” program is one such initiative, which offers complete pre-to-post natal care at an affordable cost of Rs.2000 to every needy pregnant woman. It brings us great joy that this initiative has helped more than 10,000 pregnant women from the backward regions of the State to have safe deliveries and healthy babies. The institute has gone from strength to strength over time to offer world class medical services with more than 500 highly trained medical professionals (doctors, nurses & paramedics) and over a thousand beds. Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences, located in one the most backward regions of Telangana, serves the poorest strata of the society. This service has given us valuable insights into the basic felt needs of the poor in this backward region and the immense scope to strive for their comprehensive development.Prathima Foundation is a logical extension of this awakening. It builds on the good work of the medical institute in the realm of ‘inclusive healthcare’ and leverages this core strength to embark on an ‘inclusive development’ agenda to fulfill the aspirations of the rural poor.