What We Do

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What We Do


It is a fact that our cities have so much and our villages have so little, be it healthcare, infrastructure, education, sanitation, social development and more. Bridging the rural-urban divide is not a job to be left alone to the governments. It is a sacred responsibility of each one of us whose roots originate in the villages. Many of us who moved away from villages in pursuit of your dreams and goals in life are at a critical juncture to look back longingly and give back meaningfully.

We at Prathima Foundation would like to be the catalyst of change and a platform to fulfill the aspiration of such people and organizations. Our vision is to care for our people in our villages and earnestly help them move forward and change for the better. For those who share such a vision, the foundation will strive to channelize their energies and commitment.

“Our people, Our Villages” is as an open ended endeavor of Prathima Foundation. We wish to be an active, inclusive and interactive interface. Our resolve is steadfast as it has evolved over time, strengthened by the bonds developed though our outreach programs in healthcare and livelihoods improvement in interior villages.


Raising awareness and involvement of stakeholders leads to co-responsibility and society action. Prathima believes in this paradigm and would like to create awareness among people on compelling social and developmental issues for the good of both individuals and communities..

lliteracy and backwardness in remote interior villages are serious impediments for realizing the rights of citizen’s guaranteed by the Constitution of India. With rights come responsibilities and this learning is also crucial for development. We would like to actively campaign for sensitizing people about their rights and duties to become good citizens of a great nation.


‘Knowledge is power’ and is widely believed to be the driver of growth and development of the society and nation. The World Development Report identified lack of basic knowledge at the individual level as the root cause for lack of overall development. Prathima Foundation recognizes this as an important gap and endeavors to spread the light of knowledge and shun the darkness cast by illiteracy in the society.

It is known that government run schools for rural and urban communities operate with basic amenities and predominantly cater to the underprivileged sections of society. Our strategy would be to bring about qualitative changes both at primary and secondary education levels in these schools by developing lessons with the help of best teachers available in the best schools and by making available teaching aids. This way, students will have access and exposure to modern multi-media technology for effective learning through creation of interest, visualization and understanding to make them competitive. Our approach is two-pronged: to impart quality education and also to attract school dropouts to return, which we strongly believe is equally important. We also believe in enhancing awareness and knowledge at various levels by conducting seminars, interaction sessions and exposure visits.


Our Prime Minister’s Swach Bharat Campaign acknowledges the need for making health and sanitation a nation-wide developmental initiative. Prathima adheres to these views, as personal health and sanitation are the most important issues that developing nations are facing, according to the UNDP’s Report on Health. We have been playing an active role in this area, creating accessible health care networks for the poor, providing nutrition and Medicare to pregnant women, organizing mass outreach health camps etc. We also wish to invest more into programs that deal with personal and community sanitation.